11 March 2021

It was to our surprise and regret that a Financial Times article on 8th March 2021 reported that the CEO of SBI Holdings, Inc. planned to pull out of operations in Hong Kong. We would like to clearly inform that we at SBI Securities have not officially discussed about any withdrawal from Hong Kong and no such decision is official. We sincerely apologise for any surprise and confusion caused by such media reports.
The main topics discussed during the interview with the CEO of SBI Holdings, Inc. were the group’s business strategies of committing to Osaka International Financial Center Plan (Kansai-region, Japan) and Collaboration with Regional Banks in Japan, and aspirations to become the fourth-largest Japanese Mega-Bank. Unfortunately, the Financial Times journalist did not mention these topics in the article at all and instead focused only on some side remarks made in relation to Hong Kong and London.
As CEO of SBI Securities (Hong Kong) Limited, I reiterate that we have no intention to withdraw from Hong Kong operations and assure that we will provide proper and sufficient communication in advance with our clients and other relevant parties in the unlikely event that such a decision is made.
Jun Kusano
Chief Executive Officer
SBI Securities (Hong Kong) Limited






11 September 2020

Declaration about the soliciting of account opening and funds transferring through the fake stock/ bond trading application of the SBI Group
Recently, several individual investors have inquired about the authenticity of the application “SBI思佰益”. We hereby declare that this application has nothing to do with the SBI Group.
The fraudulent act toward the individual investors is mainly about soliciting the installation of the fake trading application, making stock trading recommendations and consultation through SNS such as Weibo and Wechat, and then asking the investors to transfer their funds to the company’s account.
SBI Securities, as a subsidiary of the SBI Group, is the No. 1 online securities company in Japan, and has received years of patronage from its customers. We are actively considering developing the securities business in China, however, we have not developed any securities related business nor such solicitation activities yet in mainland China at this moment.
Lately, there have been several fraudulent activities related to the fake SBI Group and its affiliated companies, so please be careful. SBI (CHINA) CO., LTD, as the legal entity of the SBI Group in mainland China, is devoted to the investment business, financial service business and biotechnology business in mainland China. If you receive any suspicious notice or contact as described above, please feel free to confirm with SBI China on 021-68776855 or with SBI Securities (Hong Kong) Limited at 852-22529500 immediately.
SBI集團旗下的SBI證券作為日本線上最大的證券公司,多年來一直受到廣大客戶的好評和惠顧。 SBI證券正積極探討開拓中國大陸市場,但目前尚未在中國大陸開展任何形式的相關服務,也沒有進行類似的營銷活動。